Life, on a continuum

Pinned to perpetual moving machines
Ephemeral wagons of mortal beings
We march towards oblivion

Time is our foe
But only when
We strive for permanence

Listen, Hubin, Listen
Parting is inevitable
But in this cold unmerciful world
I promise you eternity

Maithila Bandem, September 2018
– – – – –
When Maithila was asked to compose a poem about honouring collective memories—to bring the performance art to an orgasmic release—she affectionately tweaked the piece as an eulogy to our dear friend Gentur Suria, who recently passed. Hubin, we are grateful for having you in our life, navigate celestial dimensions in peace!

Footage by Fauzan Adinugraha, published via YouTube on November 23, 2016.
Featured image from our good friends at Pexels

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