I Promise You Eternity Performance Art
23 September 2018 | 8 PM | Villa Rumah 23 Seminyak

I Promise You Eternity has a twofold purpose.

Firstly, to convey collective memories about Bali 1930s through the representation of recordings and footage by renowned foreigners who embraced Bali as longing, inspiration and home. The recording giants Odeon & Beka as well as scholars including McPhee, Covarrubias and de Maré endowed us with a vast legacy of self-reflection, rediscovery and purpose pertaining Bali, to which in a multifaceted way is honoured in contemporary times by revealing values that continues to be relevant, in art and in life.

Secondly, I Promise You Eternity is the strengthening of a creative bond among creative communities and forging passion to remember and be remembered as naturally as we ‘mortals’ are, especially on embracing and holding those intimate and intricate personal relationships, or as coined by dear, dearly Gentur Suria as Hubin ‘hubungan intim.’
– – – – –
Producer & scenography: Ridwan Rudianto & Marlowe Bandem
Costume designer: Myra Juliarti (Siji)
Visual editing & mapping: Ridwan Rudianto & Aditya Ramadhan

Prayer reciter: Muhammad Fahmi
Rerambangan Durma & Tembang Pangkur: Luh Putu Indra Saskari
Genggong, suling, nose flute & gangsa: I Nyoman Suwida, I Putu Suwarsa, I Wayan Gunatra & I Made Suryana (Genggong Kutus)
“Life, on a continuum” & “Cosmic Promise”: Maithila Bandem & Wayan Juniarta
Aftershow beats: KRBL & Marlowe Bandem

Soundsystem & lighting: Antida Music Indonesia
Photography: Lukman S. Bintoro
Videography: Aditya Ramadhan
General assistant: I Nyoman ‘Ongki’ Suryandana

‘G’ Augmented Reality concept & producer: Ridwan Rudianto & Marlowe Bandem
‘G’ Augmented Reality 3D modelling, coding & programming: Gede Harsemadi & Astika Pande

Venue: Villa Rumah 23, Jalan Kayu Aya 117x, Gang Inti Kulit Seminyak, Bali

Big love to 23 Countdown Series, Kazuya & Harumi, Dr. Edward Herbst & Bali 1928 Archive, all performers, supporters, family & friends, and in spirit, Gentur ‘Hubin’ Suria

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