“G Augmented Reality” Marker

I Promise You Eternity – Augmented Reality App for Android

Death is never the end. Oblivion is.
We will always be eternal in the shared memory of our kinsmen.
We remember you, therefore, you shall be eternal.

1. Go to Google Play Store (https://play.google.com) or go straight here.
2. Search “G Augmented Reality by STIKOM Bali.”
3. Install app.
4. Open app and scan marker on top of page with camera. Marker can also be downloaded and printed.
5. Interact and read the poem aloud.

– – – – –
This AR program is nothing more than a gimmick, merging Maithila’s poem with Gentur Suria’s iconic psychedelic typography as a playfully self rotating 3D rendition. The marker for this AR application is a card that can be easily duplicated and passed around—reminiscent to the warm-hearted Gentur Suria who is known as a master of eye-catching arts who comes and go as he pleases.
– – – – –

Marlowe Bandem & Ridwan Rudianto

App Developer:
Astika Pande (AR Programming)
Gede Harsemadi (3D Modelling & Graphic Design)

Poem & Narrative:
Maithila Bandem & Wayan Juniarta

Featured image by David Bartus

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